i had a well weird dream last night,

it was just a normal day, like, i felt like i’d gone back in time, it was just a replay of a day about a month ago, and i was really happy. i woke up and i was like, woah.

i think it’s cause i’ve been thinking about it alot recently. i actually think i’m better off now though.

spent my day with tom, fliss and cam today, was pretty boring but really funny. had another good chat with tom and ended up telling him something i regret telling him now. he’s never going to let me live it down. ahaha.

so i’m sat here listening to the maine, cause it was too cold so i came in. i feel a bit sick though cause i’ve just made myself some toast and my mums bought this new butter, flora or somethingorother, but we normally get asda’s own and this floras not gone down well with my stomach. not looking forward to my mum coming home from work cause she’s gonna go sick because of the mess i’ve made. i might just lock myself in my room and hide. then blame my brother.  sounds good to me. todays kind of made me realise i’ve not lost everyone. i’ve still got the people who matter most. it’s cheered me up a hell of a lot. one thing which is pissing me off though is the fact that i have lost my straighteners. how the hell have i managed to lose my straighteners? it’s not like i could have possibly misplaced them. they’re pretty hard to miss. so i’ve had a really bad hair day today. i went through my camera today aswell and found some pretty funny photos which i’ma upload to facebook. school in another couple of days, don’t know whether to dread it or be glad. ooer, my mothers home now, time to set up the barricades. ciao.


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