okay, i hate cliffs.

was having a really good day with emily, jsut sitting around doing nothing pretty much, but good none the less, then we decide to see who’s out. so we give charlee a ring and her and tonguey come out and after going to the chippy they were like oh, we’re going knowsley now for some piss up. knowing full well who wouldof been there, i really didn’t want to go. but after about an hour of me complaining, we ended up on this random field. so i refused to go over to where everyone had set up tents and stuff so i sat and watched football with some guys. after about half an hour, me and emily had to go and meet this girl and when we got back everyone had disappeared out of the field, so we were forced to go over to where everyone was. thats when things kicked off. one of my friends nearly got pushed off a cliff. so we went back to karls. i nearly got raped by a dog. it’s all good. lmao.

but yeah, tomorrow should be good, i’m going to emily’s again for a picnic. i hope the suns out ๐Ÿ™‚


One Response to “cliffs”

  1. emilehhh Says:

    well you know what JOSH IS A BIG HOE! ๐Ÿ˜€ love lambersssss xox

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