okay, okay

i’ve not written on this for a couple of days, forgive me, i forgot.

uhhh, i’m so tired lately, i’ve got tons of coursework to do and i’m back in school on tuesday, i’m doomed.

for once, i’m actually looking forward to going back to school, i’m sick of being sat in now, seeing as i’ve been deserted by 80% of my “friends”. and most of my real friends are actually in school, i really miss them. so, what’s gone on in the past couple of days? not alot. social life, pretty much dead, love life, pretty much non-existant. it’s quite depressing. oh, i dyed my hair yesterday, i just wanted to stop being called ginger so i’ve gone blonde-ish. you can hardly tell the difference, but it’s taken all hints of red out of my hair. i must admit it does look better. and i’m going to ashton today aswell, with rosie, so that should be good to just have a nice bitch. but, not much has gone on today so far, so if anything interesting happens in ashton with rosie i shall post another blog later to make up for the lack of continuity. i never end up carrying these blogs on. i shall try my hardest. 🙂


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